Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tile has become the industry standard for quality and durability. These tiles will offer the absolute hardest, most durable surface you can use on a floor. Usable for both residential and commercial in Toronto, these tiles will last the life of a structure in most cases with a minimum of upkeep. Once a rarity, now porcelain tiles are available from all of the top manufacturers, especially tiles coming from Italy. Unglazed versions with special textures are available for use in the Toronto outdoors.

If you are planning on replacing your bathroom tiles, an excellent choice will be Porcelain tiles. Porcelain bathroom tiles are very durable, comes in a variety of colors and textures and are just as easy to install as ceramic tile. An overview of porcelain bathroom tiles will give you a good foundation to build on and plan for your new bathroom.

Porcelain tiles made today with advanced technology gives the new Porcelain a look of marble or granite. It is also extremely durable as it is resistant to scratches, wear and tear and cleaner usage. Since it is completely non-absorbent, Porcelain tile can be used indoors and outdoors. Because of this, Porcelain tile is great for the Toronto bathroom.

For the Environmentally conscious consumer, Porcelain bathroom tiles needs to be your first choice as Toronto Porcelain bathroom tiles are completely recyclable and are only made with natural products.

Saloon Wood
Petrified Wood 2
Petrified Wood
Marks 25
Marks 17
Marks 15
Marks 14
Marks 12
Marks 6
Iron R
xisto Preto R
Xisto Superbranco R
Calacatta R
Blue Stone Antracite R 36x36
Rapalano Silver
Onice Perla
Lodge Maple
Level Beige
Kronos Fuma
Concreta Gesso
Seasons Winter 1
Seasons Winter 2
Seasons Winter 3
Seasons Summer + Spring
Seasons Spring
Seasons Fall
Volcano Bianco Lappato
Anthology Grey
Anthology Brown
Africa Series
I travertini 1
I travertini 2
I Travertini 3
Look White
7 Inch Hexagon
Krea Almond
Krea Silver
12x24 Pluvium PL 15
Andy Warhol Inspired
Calacatta Series

Note: This is a small sampling of tiles, there are many more styles available in the store.

Tile Style Inquries

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