Limestone Tiles

Limestone is a sedimentary stone that has become increasingly popular for Toronto floors and bathrooms. It has similar properties to marble, but almost always comes in a honed finish. Unlike polished marble, honed limestone has better resistance to etching and scratching. Limestone should always be sealed after installation.

Sizes for limestone are usually 12", 16" and 24". Some pre-cut factory patterns using multiple shapes of stone are available for certain colors.

Limestone can be a good choice for flooring due to its subtle patterning and pale, neutral colors. This all makes limestone flooring a good choice in contemporary kitchen design. It is also a good choice because it provides hardness, low porosity, looks attractive, and is hard wearing and long-lasting. It also has oil resistant properties, although is should be sealed to prevent staining and to keep it looking its best and to be able to clean and maintain. So limestone is usually offered in a honed (unpolished) finish. Its softer, subtle hues make it a frequent choice of Toronto homeowners, architects and designers for Toronto flooring, countertops and interior or exterior walls.

Toronto limestone flooring can possess a high resistance to freezing and thawing conditions. Therefore, limestone can be used in just about any atmospheric condition without it being affected. It is also exceedingly durable and easily maintained.


Note: This is a small sampling of tiles, there are many more styles available in the store.

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