Mosaic Tiles Are the Perfect Choice For Your Toronto Bathroom

The tiles you choose for your Toronto bathroom determine its overall look and ambience. Tiles in single solid colors impose some limitations on creativity. If you want to get creative with your bathroom, mosaic bathroom floor tiles are the best choice.

These tiles are made of different materials like glass, metal, marble, pebbles etc. Sometimes different kinds of tiles are combined in a single mesh to give you a mixed mosaic tile. Each one has its own specialty and gives your bathroom a simple, natural and elegant look.

Individual mosaic tiles are small and measure just around 2x2 inches. These small tiles are arranged in a mesh or frame to form a large mosaic sheet, usually 12x12 inches. The sheets can be used as such or can be cut into shapes to form backdrops, accents etc. Mosaic tiles are not always square. The come in hexagonal, octagonal and rectangular shapes too.

Porcelain mosaic floor tiles are a nice choice. They are colorful, bright and durable. You can choose porcelain mosaic tiles with dark colors if your bathroom is spacious. Otherwise stick to light colors like white, cream or pastel. Ceramic mosaic tiles are also good. They can be arranged in different patterns to give your bathroom a nice, classic touch.

Pebbled mosaic tiles are perfect for bathrooms with a Zen like ambience. They also add a touch of elegance. These tiles are made using different kinds of pebbles and flat stone embedded in a sturdy mesh. They add color and texture to the bathroom. You can also choose grey colored mosaic bathroom floor tiles to give a cobbled appearance to the floor.

A big advantage of using mosaic floor tiles in Toronto is that you can deviate from the common practice of laying tiles in a row by row manner. These tiles can be arranged to form patterns and themes. They can be arranged as swirls, circles, waves etc Different colored mosaics can be used to piece together a work of art like an underwater theme or a flower.

With a little bit of creativity, mosaic flooring can give your Toronto bathroom a touch of fun or elegance or history.

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