How to Choose Toronto Kitchen Tiles Like a Pro

Toronto Kitchen TilesIf you are a new Toronto house owner and you are looking for quick tips on how to choose kitchen tiles for your Toronto home then this article may help you to do so. This article will quickly discuss kitchen backsplashes, granite tiles and ceramic tiles. After reading this, you should be able to see why the different tiles mentioned above are worth considering.

If you know your kitchen tile types well, you would notice that a kitchen backsplash is not a tile type. It is the upright portion built against the wall at the back of your stove or sink. It is the most visible part of the kitchen as you would be staring at it most of the time you are in the kitchen. Thus, having elegant tiles and stylish designs to decorate it is an essential part of your kitchen beautification strategy. Obviously, the two tile types that we are going to discuss here is the granite and ceramic types.

Granite kitchen tiles are usually used for kitchen flooring (but that does not mean you should not use them on backsplashes, you can...) and for good reason too. They have slip resistance. That means the chances of you slipping and falling on your head is greatly reduced! This is good especially when you have children at home. What is more, this type of tile is known for its beauty and durability. Thus, it sometimes comes with a steep price. On the other hand, it is not costly to maintain so it is really up to you when budget is an important factor in your decision making.   

Ceramic tiles are also durable much like granite tiles. Other than that, it is also resistant to heat making it a perfect candidate for tile backsplashes and counter tops. With it, you can place hot frying pans or pots on top of it without worrying that it will be damaged by the heat.

There are certainly more types of Toronto kitchen tiles out there to choose from. But given the information above, you can certainly opt to use granite or ceramic tiles for your kitchen without resenting it in the end.

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