Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have become more and more popular in Toronto every year. The translucent quality of glass give it an entirely different look than ceramic tile or stone. The styles range from old world rustic to clean contemporary. It can be used for an entire wall, or inserted as an accent row or inlay with other tile or stone. Because glass is frost proof it can also be used for Toronto exterior applications such as pool or fountains. Sizes range from 5/8" to 12"

Glass tiles have been around in one shape or form for hundreds of years. Dating back to as far ago as 2500BC. Archaeologists have found out that early cultures in Persia and India all developed a use of glass tiles.

What made the production of such tiles more difficult than the creation of normal clay or stone tiles, is the fact that they needed to be fired at much higher temperatures. This firing process became a closely guarded secret in many cultures, people who could create clear colored materials would probably be seen as 'alchemists' or somehow endowed with superior powers to the common man. Nowadays the mystery of producing items made of glass may have gone, however we can still be captivated by the mystery and beauty of stained glass and Toronto glass tiles.

Note: This is a small sampling of tiles, there are many more styles available in the store.

Tile Style Inquries

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